The Daniel Fast Has Ended

I lasted almost 7 days. Okay six and a half. I actually drank some milk and later had some tuna. The good news is I have had NO desire to eat meat, i.e., beef or chicken. I went to the market and bought some garden burgers. Not the meatless burgers made of soy, those are gross, but the burgers made of mushrooms and veggies.

I am down almost 15 pounds which is a lot but I am certain a lot of it is water weight. I think the best result of this fast is the clarity of mind it brought -consciously not thinking about food all the time. When I wanted to think about food, I would pray. I feel better, a lot better. I know if I can do the strictest of regimen's for seven days, surely I can eat healthy fruits, vegetables and sensible proteins.

I would certainly do it again.

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