Am I Vain?

I have literally been a bum this past few days – no walking, eating junk food, just lazy.

Then I get a completely random compliment from an older picture I put on my Facebook page. Today I get another one. Something like, "OMG you look gorgeous.": Why was that enough to motivate me to get off my bum and do that hour walk? No this time I actually jogged a good deal of it.

While I jogged/walked I began to evaluate my motivations. Why does a compliment give me such a desire to work harder? Am I one of those people motivated by external praise?

Clearly not, I started this thing to improve my health. But I still wondered.

Then I remembered that as a child I was teased mercilessly by school mates for being a bit pudgy. That never bothered me as much because I knew I was smarter than all of them **graduated valedictorian** whoop! Whoop!

But I was also teased by my siblings, one in particular. That was harder to get over. Being younger than the rest, you kind of expect your older siblings to look out for you. Sometimes they are dealing with their own esteem issues and take it out on the younger, cuter (lol) sibling.

Anyway, I developed this habit of encouraging myself, you know, gassing my ego (copyright Kanye). This habit gave me courage and confidence. So when I get a compliment it means a lot. I really appreciate something nice said about me from someone other than myself.

So, am I vain? I guess, but it works for me. Either that or I think too much while exercising.

3 thoughts on “Am I Vain?

  1. Taula,
    It is the strangest things that motivate us. I say whatever works works. Good for you getting back into the groove of things.

  2. No, you’re not being vain. What you have is called “swagger”. I’ve got lots of that. And besides, you’re a cutie pie. Sorry to post then hurry and run. I’m having a gigantic argument about Sotomayor’s use of the term “white”. I’ll be back shortly.

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