Things I Used to Love Until. . .

. . .I found out the truth about them.

1. Pork and all of its derivatives – Honorable mention to hotdogs and bologna.

2. My first boyfriend.

3. Edde Murphy

4. Hair Relaxers

5. Mall pedicures

6. Credit Cards

7. Snapple

8. Tyson Beckford

9. Domino's Pizza

10. The Smurfs


Drop your list in the comments.

P.S. Just kidding Smurfs. I still love you!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Things I Used to Love Until. . .

  1. 1. Jawbreakers
    2. My dog (I swear I am going to take him to the country)
    3. The Mavs (until Cuban started talking trash Kmarts mom).

  2. OMG! I love this what happened with the smurfs dangit! LOL
    1. My Job
    2. (hmmmm I really want to put something right here. I actually did put it here then erased it…shucks)
    3. Men (lmao)

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