Boundaries and Off Limits

I should have been a cartographer because I truly believe in well-defined boundaries. Especially when it comes to men. Not just men that I may or may not be interested in, ALL men.

It is something my mother instilled in us girls. Kind of a defense mechanism. Some of us got it while others, well, didn't. To put it simply, NO MEANS NO. I think all women should bet a big red marker and outline what is acceptable to her and what is not, and stick with it!

I may go overboard sometimes but I have my reasons. I don't get to close with friends' boyfriends, husbands, baby daddies, etc. I have had those same guys when alone try to express their hidden love for me. Uh, no, back the heck up before I pepper spray you. LOL

I was watching a clip of For the Love of Ray J, I know I said I wouldn't watch, but mind-numbing reality shows are my weakness, especially when bored.

Anyway, these guys are discussing one of the final three girls. It turns out she had slept with a few of Ray J's "homies." These fools stand around singing a song about her, "Danger smashed the homies!"

I made it a rule NEVER to date a friend of an ex. I don't care how much I hated that ex. I would never ever date a friend of an ex and they have tried. From the cocky friend to the really sweet friend. The answer was always no. Just to avoid the following situation:

6 thoughts on “Boundaries and Off Limits

  1. The thing I see here is a bunch of guys telling on a young lady who had slept with one of those them. Let’s stop right there, Ms. TZA and let me say this:
    Any time a lady sleeps with a guy, any guy, the chances are very, very high that the first ones who will know about it are all of his home boys. Men’s mouths are just as big as most lady’s mouths. Here’s one for you. Get your Bible and turn to Genesis 9:20-22. After The Flood was over and Noah came out of the Ark, he planted a vineyard, made some wine out of the grapes, got drunk and passed out on the floor, in the nude. What happens next? Ham walks in and sees Noah drunk on the floor, in the nude. Now what happens? Ham runs over to his brothers and tells them what he has just seen. In other words, Ham runs over to his brothers and starts to GOSSIP!!! The first gossiper in recorded history was a man! Men are the biggest gossipers in the world, and don’t let any man tell you any different! Ms. TZA, you do wisely in being careful about the men you deal with. I only wish that more women were as intelligent as you are.

  2. “The first gossiper in recorded history was a man! ” Classic!
    Women get such a bum rap for doing exactly what men do. How can R Jay call her a “dirty slut!” He has a sex tape.
    This world is topsy turvy!

  3. We all know about how a crowd of men dragged , I believe it was Mary Magdeline, before Jesus; they accused her of being a hooker. Here’s what Im sayin’:
    1) How did they know she was a hooker? Do you suppose they had procured her services at some point in the past? Ya know what I’m sayin’? Hmm? Interesting, isn’t it?
    2) There we have it again… a bunch of men gossiping about a woman’s business! They gossiped her business to Jesus and he A) put a stop to it right then and there. B) Jesus appearently knew that these clowns had been to this woman for her services because he gave them a rock said that if any of them were without any sin, then let that individual cast the first stone.

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