Running Progress

I am gradually becoming reacquainted with life after my vacation. I went for my walk/jog today. Well, honestly just a walk this time. Okay a power walk.

Anyway, what is jogging etiquette exactly? Are you supposed to say high as people pass you? What about people with dogs? Should they move way out of the way to prevent Rover from attacking me?

I know exercise can be intense. A friend, who shall remain nameless, actually grunts on the treadmill as she runs. LOL.

Usually, when I walk my usual route everyone smiles, nods, or says hello as they pass. Today, I went later in the day as the sun was going down. The Texas sun can be brutal. No one smiled, nodded, or even grunted. I was making a mental note of how down everyone seemed to be when this woman passed by all smiles and said hello as we passed. As I rounded the corner, two guys I had passed previously said a how are you doing, as I strolled passed. Interesting?


That brings me to another observation. I am not sure what route everyone else takes but I take the one outlined by the highway. It has markers that say 1/4 mile, 1 1/2 mile as you progress. That said, I kept seeing this same woman walking pass me like 3 times. I cannot be that slow. I felt like Ne-yo in the Matrix when he saw the black cat pass by the window a couple of times. Is deja-vu just a glitch in The Matrix?

I think I am thinking too much. That's what happens when I leave my iPod at home.

**P.S. Friend who grunts, you are my inspiration to keep up my workouts. If you can do it on your schedule, I know I can get up and go.**

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