What I Learned On Vacation – Cozumel Part III

Having a great vacation is a function of destination, method of travel, and of course vacation buddies. Eh, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

It is funny the things you learn about people on vacation and the things you in turn share.

Below are a few quotes from the me and my peeps.

"I'd Rather Sweat." – This memorable quote was uttered by my roomie in response to a discussion on menopause. The topic of hormonal replacement and bioidentical hormones came up. Well it is reported that these treatments prevent menopause but may cause cancer.

"He Ain't Getting My Benefits."- This quote also by my roomie was in response to Vivica Fox's new show The Cougar. Have you guys seen it? I tried to watch it last night and could not make it through five minutes. It is a hot stinking mess.

    Whatever happened to Vivica's career? Oh, yeah, she started dating 50 cent. Oh, the irony!

"Is That A Skunk?" I am not kidding. On the long, long ride back to Dallas a very funky aura filled the SUV. The driver swore it was a skunk but we had stopped at a Mexican buffet earlier. I ain't saying . . . but I'm just saying.

"Look A Payphone." We spotted a payphone area at on of the Texas gas stations. Of course, I had left my camera in the car.

"I Can Totally See Burt Being Gay, but Ernie Was Just Experimenting." – This quote uttered by me in response to finally realizing the not so innocent rooming relationship between Burt and Ernie on Sesame Street.

Why Lawd, why? Must we watch Elmo DVD's every road trip, really? I can't stand Elmo. Elmo came along and totally usurped Kermit the Frog's popularity. Burt and Ernie iss on the show, Telly, Oscar the Grouch but mysteriously not K the F. Why, Elmo, can't handle the competition?

A lot of other stuff happened on the trip but I've gotta save something for the memoirs. LOl


Random Drunk Lady Passed Out By the Elevators


The Moon – I did not realize it would be so difficult to photograph.


The extremely, long line at Customs. Love Government efficiency.

4 thoughts on “What I Learned On Vacation – Cozumel Part III

  1. On vacation, I personally love being the drunk lady by the elevator….LOL
    I’m usually one of the drunks but I never pass out.

  2. Taula,
    I am so with T.B. on this one. Being the random drunk lady at least once on vacation is the way to go. But only one day. There are rules to follow, ya know.

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