The Oscars Suck – And Other Stuff

I knew I would not be watching the when I heard the name Hugh Jackman and musical together.

The Academy no longer represents the best films the industry has to offer. It is an insider's game where friends pick their other friends to be nominated. We, the public, are supposed to go ga-ga over these amazing craptacular films because their producer friends want to make a return on their investment.

 I think not.

For example, did anyone see Babel (last year, I think). That movie was so convoluted and uninteresting. It was Crash set in a desert. I, also, did not see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It is pure arrogance that dictates a movie should be 3 hours. Sorry, I am not sitting three hours for any movie. Been there, done that and not again.

Not only do I hate that we are told which movie we should like, we are also told who is a star, who is beautiful and who is not.

On my not list; Anne Hathaway, Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett. Honorable mention to Scarlett Johanssen.

Where were the real stars? I did not watch so someone please tell me, where was Denzel, Samuel Jackson, Angela Bassett. Is there any real talent left?

All of this info I gathered reading news articles but maybe I missed something. We need an underground film network, not that indie crap that is still Hollywood in some instances.

Your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “The Oscars Suck – And Other Stuff

  1. Babel was one of the better films I’ve seen. Did any of the stars you listed do anything that was worthy of an Oscar nomination? I’m thinking not if I have to ask, because I sure can’t think of anything.
    That said, I don’t watch awards shows. I cheat and catch the highlights.

  2. None of them had movies but I didn’t see them in the highlights of the show.. I will watch to see my favorite star on the red carpet. If they are absent, I wonder why.
    You really liked Babel?

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why you think Scarlet Johanssen isn’t cute? That’s one attractive female who cleans up VERY nice. Anne Hathaway is hit and miss, but she does tend to look borderline mannish more often that not.

  4. You didn’t see them because, well, they’re black, and Hollywood is for whites people by white people.
    The NAACP Awards is a good example of something for blacks by blacks. Whites are there. I’ve seen them but only because I’ve been there.

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