We’ll See Your President and Raise You A Token!

Michael Steele has been named the chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The Republican National Committee elected Michael Steele as its first African American chairman today in Washington, a decision that came after an excruciating series of ballots that displayed a level of drama rarely seen in national politics. Michael Steele speaks at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. last September. (AP)On the sixth and final ballot Steele bested South Carolina Republican party Chairman Katon Dawson 91 to 77.  SOURCE

Let me be perfectly clear. I do not believe that Michael Steele by his party affiliation or actions constitutes a token. I do believe the Republican Party's electing him as chairmen is in fact tokenism. The committee actually voted six times, with opposition members dropping out and throwing their support to Steele, before he was elected. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Michael steele

If the name Michael Steele does not ring a bell, he was a prominent pundit on the talk show circuit during the campaign. I noticed Steele primarily because he was less virulent in his opposition to President Obama than the others, i.e., Juan Williams, Alan Keyes, Ron Christie.

Plus, Steele is viewed as somewhat of a moderate. Anti-abortion, fiscally conservative but vocal on issues of affirmative action and death-penalty inequities. SOURCE

It is also important to note that his closest opposition, Katon Dawson South Carolina Republican party Chairman, belonged to the Whites-Only Forest Lake Country Club up until a few months ago.

Steele was the first African American elected to Lieutenant Governor of Maryland in 2003. For more info click here

Is this too little, too late?I saw Michael Steele's victory speech and he is no Barack Obama. He is not exactly Alan Keyes either. Is this move a little stroke of genius by the RNC? Discuss.

8 thoughts on “We’ll See Your President and Raise You A Token!

  1. Tokenism? It is a possiblity. However, as a black conservative, I was pleased to see Steele elected as chairman of the RNC. I have experienced much vitriol and puzzled stares when I admit that I voted for Bush in 2004, and, like Steele, I am a pro-life, fiscal conservative. That makes many of my black friends AND liberal white female friends upset, believe you me. However, my race does not dictate which political party platform I subscribe to, however, my principles do. I wish Steele all the best, and I could care less about what Limbaugh thinks. Contrary to popular opinion, he does not speak for all conservatives, especially not for Christian ones. I could care less what he thinks of black people because I don’t expect every white person to care about me.


  2. Dana111,
    Welcome to the site. I appreciate your honest feedback. I know many black people espouse some of the views of the Republican Party platform but are put off by their lack of minority respresentation and anti-minority rhetoric. 


  3. With all due lack of respect, Steele is a tool. In becoming chairman of the RNC, he beat Chip Saltsman of Barack the Magic Negro fame.
    Then he tried to tweak Obama on some ‘How ya like me now?’ type isht …
    Dawg, in case you hadn’t noticed, your party is a modern-day Confederacy, with you as window dressing.
    The chairman of the RNC is Rush Limbaugh–period. You’re along for the ride, for now, because you’re black. When your novelty wears off, and it will, you’ll be another J.C. Watts.


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