On Dieting, First Week

I wrote here that I would try to eliminate refined sugar from my diet for a week and report the results.

Honestly, I did not go the entire week without something sweet. I did have Brown Cow yogurt and that's pretty sweet and an apple pie from McDonald's yesterday. I am so ashamed 😦

I used to feel sluggish whenever undertaking a diet limiting sugar but this time I substituted low glycemic fruits like blueberries. I also committed to cooking and NOT eating fast food. Bananas give me such a sugar rush that I feel like going to sleep after I eat them, so bananas are off the table.

Results have been more energy and I am down five pounds!!!

Another big result, I have been alternating my walks with jog/walk sequences. I can actually jog longer than I ever have before. Yeah!!!!!

10 thoughts on “On Dieting, First Week

  1. Taula, thanks for sharing and super kudos on the weight loss. If you are in need of a free food tracker I suggest using fitday.com. I am also trying to limit the amount of refined sugar I take in. I am committed to only eating three refined sugars a week. You should also try and set a goal of running in a 3k or 5k there is a Lupus walk/run event coming up in Farmers Branch in April. I am going to run the Boulder,CO 5k this year and only Lord knows how I am going to make it with the altitude. Best of luck


  2. Thank you,
    I was thinking of training with Luke’s Locker but I have not had a consistent schedule. Once I do, I will definetly start. That is a goal of mine. I know two people who have run marathons and it did wonders for them.  


  3. Thank you TB,
    I just started to feel better. I did fast from sunup to sundown on of the days. That kind of jolted my system. Plus I have been drinking more water and eating less salt. Running before my voice lesson gives me a clearer sound.. That is a secondary motivation for me.


  4. Hey! Tula it is much easier than you think, I am down 15 – 20lbs not eating fast food or refined sugar. There is a lot of sweet that can be found in a baked sweet potato.
    If you can bake it for about an hour 45 and eat some veggies you might have a great filling meal.
    Hang in there, this too shall become a way or life before you know it.


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