Everyone’s On That Obama Juice

Ah multi-cultural impersonators. Gotta love'em.

Llam Anas of the Phillippines

Luis Ortiz, Puerto Rican New Yorker

Cuban Gerardo Buisseaux


7 thoughts on “Everyone’s On That Obama Juice

  1. Not quite everyone. I had a dude who is supposed to be my best friend try to go off on me (on my own blog, no less) because he’s getting upset that my blog is always talking about Prez Obama. Well I love him like a play cousin, but it’s something he’s just going to have to deal with for at least another four years!

  2. I don’t understand the hate, you know? I love Barack and Michelle. I even shed a tear at their first dance. I just hate when people want to dissect the man to lay claim to part of him as thier own. There is enough Obama love to go around.

  3. Talula, begrudgingly, I’ll agree with you again. But let’s be completely honest and acknowledge that everyone is trying to claim Obama, not just “multicultural” people.

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