Star Jones and a Two Piece.

I am not talking about the two piece that comes with a biscuit. I mean a bikini. Why, you ask? Because you know you wanna see it.



I think she looks good for 46.

10 thoughts on “Star Jones and a Two Piece.

  1. WOW! Thanks Taula this leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth to begin the new year. Do you really think she looks good for her age? Really? Please tell me you were kidding.

  2. Hahahaha!!!!!!! I had to start the New Year with a good gag. And yes, for having lost all of that weight she looks good. I would have opted for a onepiece with some lycra to hold it all in, myself but Star has got guts. Literally and fuguratively.

  3. Body wise, she’s OK. In the face, she’s not bad looking. In between her ears, she’s highly educated. She graduated from American University, then from the University of Houston Law School in addition to being a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. No wonder those white broads on The View couldn’t handle Star, she’s got so much going for herself to the point where they didn’t know how to deal with her.

  4. A couple things …
    Star Jones looked(s) better larger. That whole skinny thing … not a good look on her.
    And as she appears in the photos above? Do know that she would get pressed up. There’s something sexy about her–to me anyway. And the fact that she’s bright and quick on her feet doesn’t hurt.

  5. WTH? Star is sexy and Michelle O is not. Interesting. . .
    That said, I do get the whole intelligence as attractive thing. That is my number one attraction in a man.

  6. Star Jones is, in my opinion, clearly more attractive than Michelle Obama.
    Seriously, Michelle Obama looks like she has a plate in her jaw. It’s overwhelming. When she closes her mouth, she’s almost serviceable. Other than that, though? Negative.

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