Gabrielle Union Is Coming To A TV Near You

Veteran of the romantic comedy movie, Gabrielle Union is heading to prime-time, again. She was cast in the short-lived Football Wives in 2007, an American take on the British hit Footballer Wives. In 2005, she costarred in the two-months long Night Stalker. For Union, hopefully, the third times the charm with this yet unnamed series.


I have always like Gabrielle since her Bring It On days. Since the cancellation of Girlfriends, there is a serious void of intelligent, beautiful women of color represented in prime time. I will definitely keep my ears open for this series and update Talulazoeapple with the details.

Nia Long is another beautiful actress that has been MIA for too long. She was last seen on screen in ABC six-month long Big Shots in 2007-2008 season. She also hosted a The BET J Virtual Awards. Didn't catch it? You're quite lucky. It was a total bore but this is not the fault of Miss Long.

Nia long1

I am just wondering where are all of the great parts for these actresses. I have always thought Nia Long was the most stunningly beautiful actress but she is lauded like the Halle Berry's of the world. The same of course with Gabrielle Union. I know Sanaa Lathan is a contemporary of their's but I have never got the appeal of Lathan.

Nia sanaa

What is your take on this?

5 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union Is Coming To A TV Near You

  1. I also remember Gabrielle Union, and not for her role in “Bring it On”, but as her innocent role of Keesha Hamilton in 7th Heavan. Gabrielle also had a great role in Nip Tuck.
    I don’t watch a lot of television series; so I am not sure what types of shows are out there, and where our beautiful black women would best fit in with what is on television now.
    I am more sure than ever, that America will be much more at ease watching “us” on television; because one way or another we are going to be there, now more often than not, with this new Administration.

  2. Never have understood the big deal over Union, although I don’t find her unattractive in the least (if that makes sense).
    Nia Long is simply unreal physically and at least a serviceable actress. I don’t understand why I don’t see more of her.
    As for Sanaa Lathan, um, she ceased to exist for me after she said that black men are dead, in jail or chasing white women during her promotional tour for her film “Something New” or whatever it was called.

  3. Sanaa really said that crap? She sucked in Something New. Anywho.
    I think Nia got too comfortable being the ‘around the way’ actress. She was in Alfie with Jude Law but I still don’t get it.
    Gabrielle Union is not that great an actress but she is cute. You gotta give her that.

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