Boys II Men – The Swexy Wars

First let me explain  that swexy is a combo of swagger and sexy. Okay. Let us move on.

I was over at The Black Snob and she posed the question is Nick Cannon sexy? Apparently, Mariah Carey thinks so, she married him. 


That question got me to thinking. I personally am not attracted to guys who look like boys. When I see Nick Cannon, I think Nickelodeon and that makes me think of children. So, no I don't find himsexy. Give him a few years and he could grow on a sista. lol


Next up is Usher. I must admit Usher has the abs game on lock but he reminds me of a little boy trying to do grown up things. I see Usher and imagine him penciling in his mustache with an eyebrow pencil.


Next Chris Brown. He reminds me so much of my nephew I could never find him attractive. Plus he is goofy as all get out.

So I know you are asking yourselves well Talulazoeapple who do you find SWEXY? Well, I am a woman of refinement. I love the classics.

Denzel, who only gets better with age.

Denzel as actor

Blair Underwood, Lord have mercy.


And of course MAH BOO!!!! TJ Holmes.

TJ Holm  TJHOlmes

Who are your choices in the Boys II Men Wars? Guys feel free to throw a couple of ladies in there.

8 thoughts on “Boys II Men – The Swexy Wars

  1. Mmm, mmm,mmm where do I begin Blair Underwood would definitely get panties tossed in his direction. Good Gawd that man is all kinds of sexiness. Denzel and TJ are right behind him.
    Now as to your young boys Chris gots it going on, but I agree he looks too much like a boy to get more than a passing appreciation for a nice body.

  2. Denzel and Blair- yummy. And yes Mr. TJ is scrumdiddlyumptous.
    But I have to admit that Chris Brown, as goofy as he is (and as young) is sexy. AAHHH!! I know!! I hate to admit it!!! lol!! But if I were 18…..

  3. Yes, I have the same problem. Young men are nice but they don’t don’t become sexy until they fill out at 25 or so.
    And yes, Chris Brown reminds me of your nephew.

  4. Well let me speak first for the fellas…as far as women are concerned, I still think Mariah Carey is sexy. I don’t care how crazy she may or may not be, she STILL got it going on. Toni Braxton is another. Then of course, obviously, Halle Berry. Just to mention a few

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