Real Housewives of Atlanta

Ahhh!! I have a new guilty pleasure and so does Anderson Cooper. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are a delicious mess. The reality show follows the lives of five upper-crust women in the A-T-L. Deshawn is the soft-spoken church going one, married to a basketball star with two-kids. She is always doing charity work and sits on several boards of foundations. Lisa, is the pretty one, married to an NFL star with three kids. She has several businesses including a Hart 2 Hart Baby, a clothing line for kids. NeNe is the 'hood' one, married to a successful business man with two kids. I must say for all the references to NeNe being ghetto her children are the most well-behaved of all of these ladies.


There are two ladies on the show who are not married but apparently had or have had really rich boyfriends. So, in essence they are rich baby mommas. Oh by the way, they are Kim and Sheree.

I had never seen the show before Anderson Cooper referenced them on an Ellen interview. Now I am addicted. My old guilty pleasure of VH1 Flavor of Love has bitten the proverbial bullet. Plus all shows in that franchise have grown into to ridiculous even for me to watch.

If you are a fan, who is your favorite character? Drop in the comments. I kind of like them all. They're so dysfunctional yet they make a perfectly fun family to watch.


Lisa Wu Hartwell's older two children are by 90s hitmaker Keith Sweat. He refused to sign the waiver to allow his sons to be on the reality tv-series. He stated that he didn't want his children exploited in that way. Read more here.

6 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. I agree that it is good to see sistas living the high life, but at what expense? The reason I haven’t watched is because every description I have heard seems like all these women are living that lifestyle because their gold-digging ways got them there. That was enough to have me keep passing it up.

  2. What about them says, “gold digger”? I find this a bit offensive but it seems to only apply to black women. They are wives of wealthy men but all have their own jobs, interests, and businesses.

  3. I haven’t watched the show so I can’t speak if it’s true or not. That is the perception I get. Are any of these of women self-made? These businesses that they have, did any of them start them on their own or did they marry into money and use that money? If they truly did it on their own then of course I applaud them. If they married/baby-mama’ed their way into the money then, yes, I take issue with that.
    And no, it’s not just Black women. In fact, it’s not even just women. There are men out there that do the exact same thing. Instead of being called “gold diggers”, they are often labeled “gigolos” or “players”. Maybe even pimps. Whatever the name is for what they do, no matter what color, no matter male or female the behavior is despicable.

  4. Now I’m getting mad, Stan:
    In every other culture, a man is EXPECTED to take care of his wife. Even in black cultures outside of the US. So, does it matter if the money came from their husbands? The two shall become one, right?

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