I Love My Mommie

Many times in my life I have lifted my hands in exasperation at my mom's apparent inability to "get me". I have often wondered could I have been adopted, I seem so different from the rest of my siblings. Then I look in the mirror and see the younger version of my mom staring back at me. Our resemblance is undeniable.

Mommy calls me out of the blue and says, "I was just thinking about you and said to myself let me call my baby."

"Ok," I say.

Then she goes on to tell me how she said a prayer that I would find a job that was as adventurous as my last one. "Adventurous?" Really mom? She goes on to say how she knows I love adventure and new things so she asked God to bless me with my heart's desire.

You know, she's right. I don't admit that much.  I am usually telling her how not right she is and how she should try my way of doing things.

Truth be told. I do want adventure in my life. Not excitement for excitement's sake but true pursuit of knowledge and great experiences. If I just wanted a "job" I could have stayed in Chicago working at the bank and been miserable. I chose to come to Dallas to fulfill my dreams.

Since I've been here, I have completed most of my graduate study, taken voice and piano lessons, sung in recitals. I am trying new things, working out. I am DRIVING!! Next on my list is dating, seriously folks.

I tell my mom of my outings this Sunday and she states how glad she is that I'm getting out and enjoying life. I am thinking, wow she is par for the course today.

Sometimes, my mom just gets me. I need to see if there is a full moon out tonight.

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  1. My mom was the same way… always on my case about something or another. As far as moms go, yours sounds very normal.

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