I feel very civic right now. Surprisingly, there was a short line at the polls. I cannot imagine what things will be like on November 4th.

So, please people VOTE EARLY!!!!

I shall step down from my soap box now.

One sad note. I was waiting in line and a sista strolled up to one of the poll workers asking is she could vote although she had not registered. SMH. Now this lady was old enough to know better but there she stood disenfranchised because of CPT. (You know when certain folk are always late for everything).

Will you be watching Obama's 30-minute spot tonight. Is it necessary, is it overkill? IDK

4 thoughts on “I VOTED TODAY!!!!

  1. Overkill. There is an Obama Station on cable. It runs an 8 hr Obama ad all day and all night. Hey, the campaign has the $$$.

  2. TB:
    I was kinda thinking the same thing but maybe he has to spend all of that money by Nov 4th. He should send me a check. I blog about him enough to be on staff.

  3. Good for you, sweetheart. Me? I went down the the Barack Obama campaign office in my community and stuffed envelopes, then took them to the post office to be mailed, came back and hit those phones. I got myself cursed out about 7 times by Obama haters, but that’s OK. LOL.

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