DL Hughley’s New Show

DL Hughley So DL Hughley has a new show on CNN, called DL Hugley Breaks The News. He has been receiving a lot of backlash from some in the "black" community. I did not catch the first episode in it's entirety. I do however have an opinion of DL.


But this is based on his rude comment about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

I am willing to give him a chance. What do you think? Have you seen it?

9 thoughts on “DL Hughley’s New Show

  1. I don’t plan on watching the show. I do not like DL and have never though he was funny. He was always the weakest link on the Kings of Comdey tour. Also, I have lost all respect for CNN. FHS CNN is a news station not comedy central. I am offically switching to MSNBC

  2. Caught some of the show purely by accident. Was channel surfing and came across it and said “What in the world is D.L. doing on CNN?!” That being said, I was not impressed. He’s another one whose stand-up was good back in the day but REALLY needs to work on some new material

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