Ashley Todd Almost Starts A Race Riot

This McCain campaign worker, Ashley Todd, in Pittsburgh claims a "big, black man," robbed her and as he walked away noticed her McCain-Palin bumper sticker. Said robber then decides to "teach" her a lesson. He holds her down and carves a "B" in her face. 

The police suspecting the story was suspect and the potential for being a powder keg worked vehemently to verify the facts. In the meantime the story leaks, a few outlets carried the unverified story. The Pittsburgh police held a press conference today to acknowledge the woman confessed she made uo the story but does not admit why she did it.

Why the news media should have known the story was false.

1. What mugger sticks around, risks being seen and or caught, to make a political point?

2. Why would he carve a "B" and not an "O"?

3. That is one well-carved "B".

4. Why is it always "the big, black guy" that cause all the outrage?

5. Couldn't the guy have been an independent?

So glad the truth came out before there were other retaliatory attacks.


4 thoughts on “Ashley Todd Almost Starts A Race Riot

  1. I just saw that. The first thing that crossed my mind was that the only way she could have done the “B” backwards was if she did it her own self while looking in the mirror.

  2. I wondered how long it would take for the crazy ones to come out. They have forgotten that our economy is now in shambles and that many of their fellow Americans are one step away from poverty. This election has brought out the worst in a lot of people. I, for one would like that part of American society who are so blinded by fear and their own bias to step back and look at the entire picture of the reality we all are facing and make an honest assessment of who will best lead this nation. In the next few days the McCain camp and also Faux News will try everything in their power to thwart this campaign. They are doing so right now as I type. Their type of propaganda and discord only seems to work with those Americans who have limited mental capabilities, the rest of us can and will think for ourselves.

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