Ten Things I Should Care About According To The News, But I Don’t

I love how the news pushes certain pop culture down our throats. You try to be a well informed citizen and you get nonstop Brittney Spears coverage. I have had enough. I have compile a list. You can add to it in the comments.

  1. Madonna and Guy Ritchie Divorce – Poor old lady who lived in a shoe. She had so much money she didn't know what to do. NEXT!
  2. Britney Spears makes a comeback – Well when is she gonna make a mommy comeback, If the courts had taken my kids away, my first priority would NOT be a raunchy video.
  3. Sarah Palin was on SNL – DID. NOT. WATCH!!!- Yet I could not help but see what happened because EVERY news program covered it and showed an extended clip.
  4. Sarah Silverman booed in London – **note to the universe** this chick was NEVER funny. NEVER.
  5. Jennifer Hudson is engaged to "PUNK" form "I Love New York." – Jennifer I don't believe you. You need more people.
  6. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be adopting more kids. They have six now. – I have just one question. Am I too old to be adopted?
  7. McCain finally returned to Jay Leno, now wait, David Letterman.
  8. Toni Braxton is on Dancing With The Stars – What happened to her career? Seriously?

  9. David Alan Grier has a new show on Comedy Central entitled Chocolate News. No, really, that's the title. – I won't be watching.

  10. Elizabeth Hasselback is still on the view.

2 thoughts on “Ten Things I Should Care About According To The News, But I Don’t

  1. No. I meant what the title says. These are things I am told by the media I should care about. I am inundated with this news yet I really don’t care about them at all. All of that does not fit into a title line.
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