Bill Maher and the Cult of Anti-Religion

This is America and we are all entitled to free speech and freedom of religion, but only the latter generates so much vitriol from cynical comedians and media.

Bill Maher’s anti-religious film Religulous barely made the top ten with $3.5 million dollars this weekend and dude has been on heavy promo for this mockumentary.

I am biased. I am a Christian who believes in redemption. I was reading in the note of my bible today a description of Christ’s offering to sinners. In the notes, the writer describes a ladder of immense height separating the sinner from God. According to the law, you could try to climb that ladder by ascribing to each rung meticulously but if you missed a step you would fall to the bottom. Now imagine that Christ is there to offer you a helping hand and to hold you up by His power not your own. I thought that was profound.

Others don’t agree. I get that. What I don’t get is all the hate. Maher, who claims to not be an atheist, sure spits anti-Christian rhetoric like one.

The funny thing is I used to be a Bill Maher fan. We have fundamental differences in belief but at least he could intelligently and humorously articulate his without reservation. Seeing him on his show and in recent interviews it is evident that somewhere along the way, Maher has lost his sense of humor.

He is now that smug, old dude chewing on his gums and lamenting that he is the smartest guy in the  universe and screaming at kids to get off his lawn. A universe, BTW, scientist don’t know what 2/3 of its even made off.

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  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for digging one of my stories on the White Party in Las Vegas.
    As to Bill and his new movie, I’ll probably try to take it in, if only to catch his slant.
    The previews I viewed tend to substantiate your own comments, in my estmation.

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