Rachel Maddow, Roland Martin, and R. Kelly

Okay. Rachel Maddow has a new show on MSNBC. It’s kinda of boring. Roland Martin had a special this weekend on CNN, entitled 7 Weeks To Go. It was interesting.

News overall sucks.

Incessant hurricane coverage and lipstick on pigs. This is the schizophrenic coverage that is offered on cable news. I am so over it.

Okay, I am just ranting but I really can’t wait for this election to be over. That’s really the only reason I watch this crap.

In other news, truly must see TV, R Kelly gave an interview defending his "friendship" with teenagers.


2 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow, Roland Martin, and R. Kelly

  1. I adore Rachel but her show isn’t cutting it. I don’t know if it’s that she’s nervous or the production sucks, but she wasmuch better sitting in for Keith than she is on her show. I’m pulling for her, though.

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