How To Deal With Goal Frustration

When I was an assistant manager at a bank that shall remain nameless, I met a veterinarian that offered me some sage advice. I was lamenting about how long it was gonna take me to finish grad school while working full-time. He told me to focus my energy on small goals. So instead of thinking I need to take 35 hours to get a degree, focus on finishing a class, or even a homework assignment.


Seems pretty basic right? Well, it was motivational and gave me a new perspective on the whole school thing. It’s been a couple years now and I am at the halfway mark and feeling pretty darn good about it.

This same veterinarian at the time floated from animal hospital to animal hospital with a dream of opening his own clinic. After doing a quick search, I found that he had indeed opened that clinic. See it here!

I am feeling a little better about my prospects seeing that his own advice worked for him. I am sure I will reach my goals as well.

Please share your own stories and advice for dealing with goal frustration.

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