Snoopy Animator Dies

Bill Melendez, animator for Charles Schulz Peanut characters, died today at the age of 91. I always enjoyed the Charlie Brown holiday cartoons. That’s one part of childhood that I think is universal to all of us.


For some reason, this news makes me think of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Brian McKnight. It’s called, I Remember You. You ma not have heard of it unless you bought his second album by the same name.

I love poetry and this song lyrically is so beautiful. This is the chorus:

You wore pigtails and hand-me downs
I banged the piano
Played the clown
And though time slips away
It can never replace
How you’ll always be here in this heart of me

Lucy and Linus and Charlie Brown
Oh how Snoopy he never left the ground
Oh that is true
You remember me like I remember you

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