What Was I Thinking? Beverly Hills, 90210

Do you ever reflect on something in your childhood or teenage years that you thought was all the rage? You then look back as an adult and say to yourself, "Man, what was I thinking?"

No. I am not talking about an old flame. I am talking about a TV show. Yes, a TV show. This fall, on the CW, the new class of Beverly Hills 90210 is set to hit the air. Today, there was a 24 episode marathon on some station, I forget which, of the old 1990’s hit that ran, like, forever.


I could not sit through an entire episode. Not a single one.

OMG that show was/is SUPER CORNY. The acting, TERRIBLE. To think, I even had a crush on Brandon, girlie hair and all. Ha.

Man, what was I thinking?

7 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking? Beverly Hills, 90210

  1. I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I tried to watch one of those shows from that marathon. To be fair, the acting did improve with time, but those early episodes were TERRIBLE. I actually didn’t start watching the show until later on so I fortunately missed their horrible early years.

  2. I am on the same page. I now have to forgive my niece for really being into Milley Cyrus. You are just caught up in the pop cultured world around you.
    P.S. Dillon was hot and I so wanted to be one of his many conquests. Even though I knew he was 15 yr or so my senior.

  3. I think it was Gabrielle. Her azz looked WAY too old to be in high school. Even in the early years of the show. They really should have known better than to try to pull that off.

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