The following is an excerpt from my next novel (when I finish writing the first lol). Let me know if it’s any good.

Remembering everything coach had said, ‘pace yourself, control your breathing, there is nothing between you and that finish line but time,’ she raced forward. Her muscles pulsated as heel hit pavement. Feeling that the next runner was gaining an edge, she pressed harder. Lorraine looked up to see the finish line grow faint and distant. Her chest felt as if it could explode at any moment. She looked around for encouragment. Her coach faded into the green stands. Her dad sat blindfolded with a grimacing Ana by his side.

In a flash, she was on an Interstate 35. Fear grasped at her heels as a tractor trailer sped by. Her face in the dust, she lay unsure of her next move. The earth began to rumble as another vehicle came near. Her senses told her that the car was slowing then stopping. Footstep after footstep became louder as she rolled over to view her impending fate. She saw the green Cadillac, the black boots and Jonathan’s hand reaching down to help her up.

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  1. I likes. One of the novels I was planning on writing was going to be about basketball, but I keep putting it off thinking the topic may have a limited audience.

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