I Met An Angel Today

Angels2I was on my way to my vocal lesson when I decided to stop by the Seven 11(sp?) to get a bottled water. As I walked in a noticed a withered old woman pass me by. I grabbed my water and headed to the counter. This same woman was standing at the side of the counter where no cashier was posted. The cashier on my side was content to ignore her but I stepped back forcing him to go and help her.

This woman had holes in her shoes and carried a worn weathered bag. She had a five dollar bill and a ton of change. She was buying a quart of milk 99 cents, a pre-made sandwich $2.48, 1/2 pint of Blue Bell icecream and a banana.

The cashier snatched her goods and began ringing them up. Mid-ring he snaps at her, "Do you have any money?" She says, "Yes, I have about six dollars."

This guy proceeds to tally the total(which, btw was about $5.47) then takes the banana and throws it back with the others on the counter.

I was really getting upset. So, I ask, "What does she owe?" He could not even tell me. He just did not want to count her change or was just being mean. I don’t know. So, I say, "Give her her money back. I’ve got it."

Normally, I would not tell a story like this, because I was taught not to do your ‘alms before men.’ But as I leave the store the little lady walks out as well. I am getting into my car and she says, "Wait, I have something I have to tell you.Angels "

I say, "Yes?"   

She says, "I’m a real angel."

I say, "Okay."

She says again with emphasis, "I am a real angel."

And I say, "Thank you. Have a nice day."

Afterall, what does one say to an angel?

3 thoughts on “I Met An Angel Today

  1. Much obliged for stopping by today and leaving me the link to your inspiring testimony. Thank you…Yes, I believe that’s what you say.

  2. I love this post! Thank you for being a good human being–I’d like to think that I would have done the same thing. I read this and all I could say was, “wow”!
    I mean, it’s food for crying out loud–that the guy couldn’t see that another human being (er, angel) was just simply trying to buy some food…
    Great post–makes me tear up a little.

  3. Tamra:
    Thank you for your heart felt words. I almost didn’t post it, didn’t want folk to think I was crazy.
    This encounter was a gift from God and this ‘angel’ truly blessed me and has blessed everyone that I have shared it with.

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