Got A New “Needs” Meme

I got this meme from Sojourner’s Place. You type "your name + needs" in the search field of any web browser. You then list the first fifteen entries. These are mine:

“______” needs:

1. Some love. LOL

2. To download the new Twitter (I have been interested in this lately. hmmm?)

3. God in her life. (Amen. Amen)

4. A friend, an ally, if she is to put up a fight and escape being

5. Time to build a genuine relationship (Okay, now this is just scary, accurate)

6. To stop looking in the "Luke Mirror" (Uh, Huh?)

7. Fulfillment.

8. To stay on at B&B.

9. To turn 1 more or gain 18 more Werewolf points.

10. God’s wisdom.

11. To grow her hair out again. (How could they know?)

12. To stop Twittering under the table.

13. A forever family who can give her lots of one-on-one attention, since she craves the affection of her caregivers.

14. To maximize her RRSP contributions

15. A story line. (LOL)

If you have read this, consider yourself tagged. Leave your name in the comments. Thanks.

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