The Best Thing I Ever Won

HeartBack in undergrad, I went to an African Arts Festival with my roommates. I remember they were selling raffle tickets at the door. Feeling really lucky, I bought two. After perusing the wares for a while, it was time to announce the winners. I don’t remember all of the prizes but I won. I was so excited that i actually won. My prize? A wonderful book of short stories and poems called I Hear A Symphony – African Americans Celebrate Love. I love all of the poems really but I will include two short ones. They both happen to be about hearts.

See The Heart by Jean Toomer

Those who have ceased to love

Have not ceased to need

Those who have ceased to care

Have not ceased to bleed;

Do Not weigh the words that

Never ask, the minds that never

Seek, nor mark the averted faces.

     But see the heart.


Valentines by Henry Dumas

Forgive me if I have not sent you

a valentine

but i thought you knew

that you already have my heart

Here take the space where my

heart goes

I give that to you too

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