Yeah, Tyra Wins An Emmy!!

Tyrabanksdaytimeemmyawards200805__2I love this. I know Tyra takes a lot of flack for being a tad superficial but I am truly amazed at how she has reinvented herself into a media mogul closing in on the heels of Oprah.

I remember seeing Tyra Banks on the Oprah Show as a teen correspondent and thinking, is she going to take over when Oprah retires? Well, Oprah ain’t going nowhere soon. All the many women who try to take her down fail miserably. Anyone remember the the Rosie Show? I am sorry but Ellen in grossly overrated.

But Tyra, did not try to take Oprah’s audience, she developed a following of her own. Smart. Smart.

Back to Tyra, I didn’t always like her. Back when she was a model and guys were hanging up her Victoria Secrets shots on their wall, I did not like her. I thought, ugh another woman making it on skin. I guess I was just a tad bit jealous. But I admire hard work and intelligence. Here is a woman who was told you’re just another pretty face and she took it as a challenge.

Who can’t admire that type of gumption? So a cheer for Tyra and her big, bountiful hair. And always remember to smile with your eyes! (ANTM reference)

4 thoughts on “Yeah, Tyra Wins An Emmy!!

  1. The only problem I have with Tyra is she tends to dwell on herself. It seems like the majority of her interviews she always finds a way to turn the attention back on herself.
    I’m guessing that the further she gets detached from the modeling and that mentality, the better off she will be at avoiding that. Right now, she continues having issues with it.

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