A Meme

Being new to the blogosphere, when I became aware that I was memed  had to look the term up. LOL Okay since I am up to speed, here goes:

Six Things

The rules are that I’m supposed to answer the questions about myself.  I then at the tag 5-6 people at the end of the post and then go on their blogs to leave a comment, letting them know they have been tagged so they can respond also.  I have 5 or 6 people, but I’m guessing only a few will follow thru with it since they are either too busy or don’t blog as frequently as I do.  We shall see though…

1)  What was I doing 10 years ago?: May 1998 I was a few years from graduating undergrad and feeling the world was my oyster. I had finally settled on a major, journalism, and life was pretty routine. Ah, so naive was I.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order): Pray, Grocery shop, clean my house, call my sister, and read my articles for class.

3) Snacks I enjoy: Stuff I shouldn’t eat like hot crunchy cheese curls that I can’t get in Texas. Strawberries. Honey Nut Cheerios. Raisins.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:  Take care of personal stuff, go to Spain, start my own company, write, publish, and produce, buy a few people a clue.

5) Places I have lived: Illinois and Texas

6) Jobs I have had:  Easier to answer, jobs I haven’t had. It took me a while to find the writer in me. I would love to be a travel writer/reporter.

7)  peeps I want to know more about –

The Graduate



Sorry, I could only find 3.

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