Why I Hate Dieting

I have been attempting a lifestyle change as it relates to my diet and exercise. The exercise part I am cool with. It’s the dieting that is killing me. I try and take it one day at a time but eating healthy always leaves me STARVING at night. All night long I dream of snacks. Last night, I dreamt me and a childhood friend stole a bag of Jays potato chips, locked ourselves in an apartment, and ate until our hearts’ content. I wake up famished. I don’t want chips but Jeez to dream about food everynight is CRAZY. I feel just like Cookie Monster in that clip. "C" is for COOKIE!!!!!!!! Help Me!

4 thoughts on “Why I Hate Dieting

  1. I thought for a minute that you meant to say “Lays” since those are everywhere. I figured they must have been a regional food I haven’t heard of. Now I want some to see what they’re like…

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