I Have Been A Student A Long, Long Time

When is enough, ENOUGH!

I left undergrad with the wind on my shoulders feeling I had reached the mountain top. Then I moved back home.

I found the job market to be tough and ended up making $7/hr working for a museum. I later moved into the wonderful world of banking and thought, "Surely, I have arrived." NOT!

I found the banking setting to be rigid and BORING. Tallulah Zoe Apple could not envision living her life working 60 hour weeks and hating every minute of it.

So what’s an Apple to do…Yes Go BACK to school.

I have been completing my MBA for about 3 years now and I am tired. I feel like my entire life has been in a classroom.  What’s worst is that I have worked in industries where the GED reigns supreme.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an elitist by any means. If I had known I could become a bank manager with a mail in certificate, I would have saved myself thousands of dollars and tons of mental anguish.

Anyway, what’s Tallulah Zoe Apple to do. Ah, that’s right start a blog and rant about it.

If you share my frustrations. Let me know.

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