Which Girlfriends Character Are You?

You all know that I heart the cancelled TV show, Girlfriends. I have several seasons on DVD. I think it is the superior of the Mara Brock Akil penned shows. The Game, the more popular of Akil's shows, never captured me in the same way Girlfriends did.

I felt the writing for Girlfriends evolved over the lifetime of the show. The characters were developed in depth and became more layered. The Game, lacks this depth of characterization. The cast members are so one dimensional. It's like watching the same episode over and over again each time I happen to catch the show on TV.

Alas, Girlfriends was cancelled back in 2008 and all I have now are memories. . .and this little quiz.

Joan Joan: Perpetually, lonely and ever searching for her enchanted love. Joan is the quintessential over 30 single, professional, beautiful black woman. She is quirky and a little bit crazy.

Maya: You can take the girl out of the hood but not the hood out of the girl. YouMaya  notice I did not call her ghetto. Maya's character was never portrayed as ignorant. She was always trying to better herself. Plus she was married. Lord knows the show needed at least one happily married sista to give hope to all of the rest of the desperately lonely cast.

Lynn Lynn: Sexually unihibited as well as work-phobic, Lynn is the unsuccessful friend. She is also free-spirited and open to new things. This is the quality I liked most about her character.

Toni: I ain't saying she a gold-digger but you know the rest. I secretly liked Toni. In the words of Joan, "You are the bitch I have always wanted to be." Everyone needs a bitch in their life.Toni

I can honestly say, I am a mix of all of these characters. I am from the westside of Chicago (Maya), I have my MBA  and I am so picky about men (Joan), I am perpetually seeking employment and consider myself open to new experiences (Lynn) , and I want to get in touch with my inner bitch (Toni). lol

Which Girlfriends character are you?