Reality TV and Reality Me

I always watch the first couple of seasons of a reality show and then later on become disgusted with the show and myself for watching it. lol

Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Basketball Wives. . .need I list more?

I know the shows are staged and the most crass behavior is celebrated. I watch and marvel that my life is so much better than these clowns on TV.

Not that all reality TV is bad. I do love Four Weddings on TLC and The Ultimate Merger on TV One but it's all starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

It is like when I started watching wrestling again after finding out as a child that it was staged. Two reasons for this being: The Rock was fighting and the whole family got together just like old times.

SN: I am really missing my family.

The "Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?" gets kinda stale after you have heard it a million times. What exactly does that mean? How is smelling your cooking intimidating?

The point of this whole rant is: Following reality TV is kind of pathetic when there is so much real life to explore. I can admit my reality has been less than my ideal so watching Toccara pick a fake mate was a nice distraction, especially, when the menzes are fine. lol

I am telling myself ENOUGH already.

It is time to experience my own exciting dating show. The last few guys that have asked me out I have said no, never called back, or just avoided face to face contact. I am always checking my list and x-ing a guys off before even getting started. Today I am making a change. I am saying yes to the next guy that asks me out -no matter what!! Really, I am.

You will be the first to hear about it.

I Love the Ultimate Merger 2

I wrote a post once posing the question, "Why do black women go on the bachelor?" By episode two they are dunzo!

I had a hope, no a DREAM: A reality show where the brown girl was the object of so many wonderful men's desires. Like, seriously, where they do that at? lol

TV One!

The bachelorette is Toccara of America's Next Top Model fame. The men . . .OMGeebus!

But first a recap of the best of the drama:

1. A crazy dude meditates on ice, goes off and gets sent home.

2. A "pretty" boy gets scared, won't drive, goes home. Notice the quotes around pretty. Um, yeah.

3. A real pretty boy gets the first kiss with Toccara while being serenaded by Brian Mcknight. BRIAN!!!!! *swoons*

 4. A MFA fighter gets too cocky, stays.

5. The "Tom Cruise" of the bunch drinks too much but is so funny he gets to stay.

6. And there is Frank. Ahhh, FRANK. lol My fav by far.

 So, have you been watching? If not, you are missing A LOT!!!



Kinda tee'd I could not find a video to post or better pics. Anywho watch and see for yourself. lol