Fitness Recaps and Noon Naps

I have been experiencing some major fatigue lately. Not quite sure what it is but between early starts and late finishes at work and working out a sister has been 'bout ready to fall out. As a result, my blogging has fallen by the wayside. Forgive me. OAN: I have discovered how blissful lunchtime naps in my car can be. 

My exercise has lapsed a bit. Although I have successfully completed the Abs Challenge, I have also skipped a few trail walks. I am learning that when my I skip exercise, I feel crappy. The more I feel crappy the less I want to exercise. Insert enigma into conundrum.

I called a good friend to check on her and she ended up encouraging me. By the end of the conversation, I was arriving at the park to begin my 3 mile trek. I felt so energized and rejuvenated. Consistency is key. It is so good to have a support network who can help you on those lazy days. Plus, I do not want to be the fat friend anymore lol. If everyone is working  out except me then hello rolly polly.

I almost hit a dude walking across the expressway. I guess people do this. This is the second time this has happened over my driving career. Good thing God is always looking out for me, keeping me from dangers seen and unseen.

I am trying to go gluten-free. I say trying because it seems that everything has gluten in it. I will say that  my stomach feels better – no pain and no bloating. Sounds like a win to me.My next purchase is to be a Magic Bullet Blender. I am trying to catch  it on sale. I would search Craigslist but I am wary about buying blenders from strangers. What if they have been blending kittens or something? lol. I know that is extreme and gross but it gets the point across.

Debating on if I should take a guitar class. I wanted to take piano but the classes at the community college is full. Guitar class was open. I could totally see it. Sitting on stage wit my afro strumming a guitar.  I guess I would need to but a guitar. I wonder how many calories could I burn playing the guitar for an hour? I guess I should go buy a hat, too. How else can I collect my change?

I need a nap.