Double for Your Trouble

Sometimes at the end of a little inconvenience is a bigger blessing. How can the Lord restore what a thief has stolen, if you have never suffered a loss?

Courtesy of Sunday School ya'll.

Maybe God has been prodding you to do something for your own benefit but you hesitate because of all of the excuses you can find. Or maybe you have suffered a loss due to no fault of your own – a job or a relationship. God will remove that old familiar thing we cleave to to make room for something new and better.

I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show (don't judge me), when I heard him make a really inciteful point. Steve told of a time he wanted a new car. He would come in each week and tell his mother that he wanted a new car. Finally, his mother asked, "How are you going to get a new car with the old one parked out front sitting on cinder blocks? Where will you put the new car?"

Seeing the wisdom in her words, Steve got rid of the old car and the cinder blocks effectively making room for his new car. Within a few weeks/months, he had a new car in that old spot.

If you want a new love, car, job, fill-in-the-blank, get the old one out of the drive way! The driveway may be your thoughts, heart and mind, figuratively.

I wanted a new wardrobe and so I consciously gave away my old one. I wanted to move to Dallas and start fresh, so I gave away all of my old stuff and moved.  I can testify that everything given away was given back better!

I am open and receptive to the new and improved things that God has for me. Not that expunging the old is easy. Well, clothing and furniture – yes. People? Not so much.

Even if you are  experiencing (or have) tremendous loss, remember this:

"And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job, when he had prayed for his friends. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before."  Job 42:10


And I'm out!

But He Has Potential!

But He Had Potential.   
When it comes to attraction to a man, what a woman  likes at 18 is different than what she likes at 30. If I could impart any aged wisdom to young women looking for a mate – look with your more mature lens. Project your future.

Maybe he is not the typical captain of the football team but captain of the chess club. Maybe his hair does lay down with baby oil but rises like steel wool but he has potential. He may be nerdy now but does he have "potential"?
When you are younger, you go for that spark but as you mature you choose what is smart. Like Lauryn Hill said,

           "What you want might make you cry
            What you need might pass you by
            If you don't catch it,
            If you don't catch it,
            And what you need ironically
            Will turn out what you want to be
            If you just let it,
            If you just let it"


I love that youtube clip. I know Sherri is kicking herself about shading Hill Harper. Talk about potential.

Black Women Being Unmarried is Now National News

Thank you, ABC News! **insert sarcasm**



Steve Harvey says date older men. Ha, I wonder why?

I would consider older, like 40, ONLY if he did NOT sport the 'stache. Stevie, baby, only Magnum P.I. can get away with the 'stache!