Facebook Will Put All of Your Business Out . . .

in the speed of the internet.

A friend posted a question concerning an "anonymous" person but she gave some details that anyone who has seen this girl can probably figure out who she is speaking of.

Ok. So she poses the question, why do women over 30 do ANYTHING to get and keep a man. She then goes on to explain how this woman has been sleeping with a dude with a live in girlfriend of six years. He has given her twp STDs and made her have an abortion. He only sees her twice in the week for maybe 4 hrs. (Here's the kicker) The girl has a physical deformity. Her hands are malformed.

OK. You have just identified this person. LOL

This is why I blog. Most people on FB don't know my blog exists. I go through great pains to keep my situations as abstract as possible. (As to protect the innocent, and not so innocent. LOL)

I just wrote that this girl needs prayer and maybe professional counseling. Strongholds exists. Some may call them addictions. You can be addicted to food, drugs, drama, and even people.

I know for a fact prayer, seeking God, and fasting can break any stronghold. Sometimes you need professional help as well.

Who hasn't been a fool for love? As Lisa Fischer sang, "A fool for love, is a fool for pain and I refuse to love you again."

Your thoughts?