The Braxton Family Values – I May Be Losing Faith

As you know, I gave up "The Cable." The sky did not fall just my monthly expenditures.

Aren't I clever? You know the sky falling but my expenditures are . . . nevermind.

Every Friday, I would search my internet for the episodes of Braxton Family Values – the one reality show that I kept on rotation. Then I watched the reunion show hosted by Wendy Williams today.

I am am convinced that reality TV is the devil!

My favorite characters – Trina, Towanda, Traci, Tamar, Miss E and Toni B – are super funny but each chick has a quote or unintelligible word phrase that must be repeated. I get it. It is all a part of branding, but do we all have to be reduced to a, "what you talkin' bout Willis?" statement. Yes, Tamar Braxton actually uses this phrase.

Ugh, why must I be so analytical? Why can't I just enjoy mindless entertainment?

Darn it, I'm educated. I have the bill to prove it. That's why.


I think the Braxton sisters need an intervention – positive energy. We nerds know that without the input of energy things tend toward disorder. This show may be unraveling and I need this show. I can't go back to scripted TV. I just cannot!

How about showcasing what these women are accomplishing now that they have the spotlight? Toni Braxton is still a superstar. Tamar and Vince have a spin-off show. I have got some great ideas for the rest of the cast.

Trina can go on tour. Towanda can take an acting class. Traci can do everybody's hair.  Miss E can hand out bible verses and peppermint candy. Just kidding. Ms. E is superduper fabulous. I love her!

Now how difficult was that WeTv?

On the positive side, the girls looked fabulous and Trina's hair was EVERYTHING to me. *cue Monica singing* After all, this is why I watch. Where else can you see women of color, going to fab parties, wearing the latest fashion, spending exorbitant amounts of money on shoes with red bottoms and hobnobbing with a superstar sister?

I will allow myself to feel intellectually superior to other reality tv junkies who devour lessor quality shows like the Kardashians or Real Housewives of wherever they call women who are not married housewives as I wait patiently for next season to get my full of Braxton Family Values.

Hypocitical much? Don't judge me! lol

I Gave Up Cable, Now What?

Guys I have cut the proverbial cord – the cable cord. Saving money all over the place, which feels good. Have a whole lot of free time and less mental clutter. The challenge? Harnessing all this new found energy into something productive. 

I ain't gonna lie *no Fifty Tyson* I had some withdrawals. This past Sunday was the debut of the new Real Housewives of Atlanta. YET, I did not bow, I did not bend. I held my ground and surprise, my bank account is pleased. 

I cannot believe how much time I wasted on my reality shows. All of the time I could have spent working on my book. 

Yeah, remember that?

My mind is clearer. I abhor drama in my own personal life yet I had opted to allow other people's drama into my home for entertainment's sake. Surely real life has more to offer. In 2012, I am going to find out. 

SN: I have rediscovered PBS. They need the viewership, right? Ah, Charlie Rose, how I have missed thee!

Freeing myself of cable is the gift that keeps on giving. 

RHOA’s Deshawn Snow Has Lost More Than A Cheating Husband

Deshawn Snow was on Season 1 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta AND she was my favorite. She also lent credibility to the show seeing that she was actually married at the time.

Snow was not on any subsequent seasons. My opinion – she did not have enough drama.

Snow appeared to be happily married, mother, church-goer and philanthropist. She did more than drink wine, cuss and fight. Too positive a depiction of a sista for Bravo or too boring for reality TV?

Who knows. She has since lost a cheating husband and a few pounds, too. Take a looksee:



US Magazine

Braxton Family Values – Poor Toni

I love reality TV. These are my confessions. *Cue Usher* My show du jour is Braxton Family Values.

I love how it displays the complexities of the sisterly dynamic in families. I have several sisters, and believe you me, I understand. Sometimes family does not see the evolution of you as an individual, as a woman and as an adult. To them, I am little sister. That, my friend, can complicate things.

I totally get Toni Braxton's point in this clip.

Background: Tamar (Toni's little sister) is married to Vince (Toni's manager). Vince also manages other groups including Lady Gaga. Well, we all know Lady Gaga is doing well but Toni's career has suffered missteps. Toni is tired of mixing family and business. Toni decides to disclose her feelings during a dinner and fireworks follow.

What do you guys think about family and business mixing?

Reality TV and Reality Me

I always watch the first couple of seasons of a reality show and then later on become disgusted with the show and myself for watching it. lol

Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Basketball Wives. . .need I list more?

I know the shows are staged and the most crass behavior is celebrated. I watch and marvel that my life is so much better than these clowns on TV.

Not that all reality TV is bad. I do love Four Weddings on TLC and The Ultimate Merger on TV One but it's all starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

It is like when I started watching wrestling again after finding out as a child that it was staged. Two reasons for this being: The Rock was fighting and the whole family got together just like old times.

SN: I am really missing my family.

The "Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?" gets kinda stale after you have heard it a million times. What exactly does that mean? How is smelling your cooking intimidating?

The point of this whole rant is: Following reality TV is kind of pathetic when there is so much real life to explore. I can admit my reality has been less than my ideal so watching Toccara pick a fake mate was a nice distraction, especially, when the menzes are fine. lol

I am telling myself ENOUGH already.

It is time to experience my own exciting dating show. The last few guys that have asked me out I have said no, never called back, or just avoided face to face contact. I am always checking my list and x-ing a guys off before even getting started. Today I am making a change. I am saying yes to the next guy that asks me out -no matter what!! Really, I am.

You will be the first to hear about it.

I Love the Ultimate Merger 2

I wrote a post once posing the question, "Why do black women go on the bachelor?" By episode two they are dunzo!

I had a hope, no a DREAM: A reality show where the brown girl was the object of so many wonderful men's desires. Like, seriously, where they do that at? lol

TV One!

The bachelorette is Toccara of America's Next Top Model fame. The men . . .OMGeebus!

But first a recap of the best of the drama:

1. A crazy dude meditates on ice, goes off and gets sent home.

2. A "pretty" boy gets scared, won't drive, goes home. Notice the quotes around pretty. Um, yeah.

3. A real pretty boy gets the first kiss with Toccara while being serenaded by Brian Mcknight. BRIAN!!!!! *swoons*

 4. A MFA fighter gets too cocky, stays.

5. The "Tom Cruise" of the bunch drinks too much but is so funny he gets to stay.

6. And there is Frank. Ahhh, FRANK. lol My fav by far.

 So, have you been watching? If not, you are missing A LOT!!!



Kinda tee'd I could not find a video to post or better pics. Anywho watch and see for yourself. lol


Raphael Matos (What Chilli Wants) Needs More Articles Written About Him

You cannot appear on reality TV (What Chilli Wants) and not have articles (non-racing related) written about you, especially, when you are the future husband of my friend, TB.

Okay, cute dimples? lol

Raphael Matos was cut by Chilli from Season 2 of this crazy, unrealistic dating show, What Chilli Wants. Really, Chilli if you are going to cut a freaking Brazilian race car driver who looks like this,



you are nuts!

Clearly, Chilli wants a season 3 and to keep spending Floyd "Ike Turner" Mayweather's money. Click the hyperlink to find out more about that. *Hint* It is baby momma related. SMH

Back to Matos.

He is from Bela Horizonte, Brazil and is an IndyCar Series driver and. . .he has dimples. . . .and. . .speaks with an accent. . .and . . .

What else is there to say? lol