The Myth of the Angry Black Woman – Image is Everything

I ran across this video over at Women of High Standard. In the clip First Lady Michelle Obama briefly addresses the "angry black woman," image that opponents  have tried to portray her as.

Any image of FLOTUS Michelle Obama that I see, she is always poised and professional. What has she done that could be described as "angry."

I think images are powerful and one reason I had to stop watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Why is it in the age of Michelle Obama, the country has seemed to rally around the RHOA breakout start, Nene Leakes?

I think it is unfair to point out Leakes as a representative of all black women but, again, images are powerful.

Nene Leakes' character on the show is the  angry black woman stereotype and to a smaller degree so is Sheree Whitfield's on air persona. I say "on air persona" and "character" because reality tv is not, in fact, real. Who in real life has producers prompting drama and cameras filming their every move?

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RHOA’s Deshawn Snow Has Lost More Than A Cheating Husband

Deshawn Snow was on Season 1 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta AND she was my favorite. She also lent credibility to the show seeing that she was actually married at the time.

Snow was not on any subsequent seasons. My opinion – she did not have enough drama.

Snow appeared to be happily married, mother, church-goer and philanthropist. She did more than drink wine, cuss and fight. Too positive a depiction of a sista for Bravo or too boring for reality TV?

Who knows. She has since lost a cheating husband and a few pounds, too. Take a looksee:



US Magazine

Is RHOA Sheree Whitfield Suffering From Depression?

I always search for the logic in everything? I was a ban in the side of my math teachers in grammar school. I did not want to know just how to find the answer but what was the logic behind the equation. What can I tell you, I went to public school.

Anyhoo, back to the point og the post. I love watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta. These chicas are OTT. . .and I love it.

However, I was really disappointed in their appearance of Ellen. The ladies took what could have been a transformational moment and made complete butts of themselves. . .at least Kim and Sheree did.

A little background, Kim and Sheree had a really public fight in which Sheree tugged on Kim’s wig. I guess this was Kim’s way of getting back at her by telling the world she bounces checks on Ellen.

And Sheree flips the heck out! LOL

I should not laugh but if something is not true, why argue?

I could not help thinking that all of that yelling and cursing Sheree does is a symptom of her very public and humiliating divorce. I mean your famous husband stops paying your mortgage and you get evicted. You are accused of bouncing checks, your clothing line is tanking. I think I would be a tad bit angry too.

So depression, is that logical reason for such raucous behavior.

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