Finding My Place and Other Christmas Epiphanies

Today was my first day back at work after a week long vacay in Chicago. My time was so full of events and people it flew by. Seeing the family is always refreshing.

My first day, I went to my niece's poetry reading. She has grown up so. It is amazing that she is a talented writer like her aunt but so much more courageous.

Visited the Hard Rock Cafe for my brother's birthday. Saw this band Obi Soul Star. This lead singer was giving me Lenny Kravitz/Prince steez and I loved it.

I discovered how I hate to shop in malls, I hate crowds and I hate getting lost in the mall's parking lot. How my godsister forgot what her own car looks like, I do not know.

I visited Portillo's and had the best italian beef sandwich Chicago has to offer.

I was not a total lard butt. I did Zumba for an hour one day, lunges another, and a 45-minute bike ride. Food is plentiful and ever present.It takes concerted effort to stay on track.

My nephew also had a birthday. He is the cutest baby in the whole wide world. For his birthday, my sister took away his pacifier. She is so evil. lol

My mom is well and still fabulous. My sisters and brothers, too.  I know that I am blessed.

I thought I wanted to move back to Chicago. I was so extremely homesick. Being with family lets me know that no matter where I am in the world a place exists where I am eternally loved. I will not; however, use my family as a crutch. I know I want big, envious blessings out of life. You cannot attain that level of blessings by running home to your comfort-zone when things become trying.

There was also a long lost beau who was very enticing in his pleas for me to move back, e.i., be closer to him. I have never been one to rush a move. Time reveals all truth and the truth was revealed in that situation.

I realize that where I am right now is God-ordained. I have found my place. I would become a pillar of salt – bitter and motionless – if I moved back. I am making progress toward my goals here.

There is no such thing as going back.

It is a new year approaching and who knows what exciting new things will unfold.