HIV: Pregnancy Is Not the Worst Thing That Can Happen to You

I was watching this PBS documentary about HIV rates among African Americans and was taken aback by the reasoning of women and young men regarding sexual activity. A lot of African Americans:

a. Don't talk about sex and HIV transmission and

b. Have an antiquated view of sex/HIV.

Seriously, pregnancy is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

I am going to shift this discussion in a slightly different direction. I believe that that there is a direct correlation between the breakdown of married two-parent households and the alarming HIV rates among heterosexual women. Hear me out.

According to USA today, 80% of babies born to black women (first time) are born out of wedlock.  Babies are born when two people (not married) have unprotected sex. HIV is transmitted primarily through unprotected sex. Is anyone, besides me, seeing a correlation?

In this PBS documentary, this young, beautiful educated black woman was saying that she had met her 'prince charming' and fell head over heels. This older guy one day stated that he did not have a condom. She rationalized that she was in love and the worst thing that could happen was that she would get pregnant. She then stated that was okay because she wanted to have his baby. No marriage, no courtship, no pre-marital blood test, just 'have his baby'. He gave her HIV.

I used to work in social services. So many young girls and their young friends would have baby after baby with guys who cannot take care of them or the children and who will not marry them. Yet, they are offering their very bodies to these guys for a bit of companionship.

How can we teach our young women and ourselves that we are worth the wait?

When I feel weak in my flesh, God will send me a reminder that celibacy is his perfect way. If you find your 'prince charming' he should be gentleman enough to wait for you and man enough to get tested with you.

I'm just saying.


What I Am Reading: Eat To Live

So I bit the bullet and got rid of cable. My big flat screen monitor, yes monitor, has been relegated to finding the weakly broadcast digital signal converted by some little black box. I need said black converter box because the great deal I thought I had found on a flat screen TV was just a good price on a monitor. *insert sad face*

Due to the lack of variety in scheduled programming and aforementioned weak signals, I watch PBS a lot. Partially because the PBS station magically always transmits. BUT there really is interesting programming on PBS. Having had my IQ diminished by addictive reality TV showcased on cable, it took a force of budgetary constraints to bring me back to my first love, PBS.

Anyone remember Sesame Street?

I digress.

I am watching PBS and there is a show featuring a Dr. Joel Furhman discussing how eating less to no meat can literally reverse illness. From my frequent blog rants, you guys know about my constant bouts with acid reflux. ARGH!

I buy the book and it is truly a revelation. Dr. Furhman warns about trying the veggie/fruit diet plan that he advocates  before completing the entire book. As I am reading, I am having some serious reservations about giving up meat until I read this gem about “pink slime” going unlabeled in our meat supply:

"The trimmings are heated to soften fat and spun in a centrifuge to separate the meat, which is then pressed and added to hamburger. A puff of an ammonia and water mix is used to kill bacteria." SOURCE

Don’t you just love the use of words like “carcass” and “puff of ammonia” used to describe food you put into your precious body?

Well, I do not. So back to Eat To Live. Great info, not so great recipes. Here is where my readers come in. Do you have any good meatless recipes? Something without a ton of unique ingredient would be helpful.

I am going to attempt to concoct one of my own, enchilada pie. If it works out, I will post.

Until then.