I Finally Got Myself A Cat

So happy now! I mean right now in this very moment. I have learned to just be in the moment and stop time traveling.Right now, I am good because God is good.

These past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. Friends tripping, car tripping, everywhere something or somebody tripping.Then God reminded me in a very small yet enormously meaningful way that HIS eyes are on the sparrow and HE watches and cares for me.


 These past few weeks have not been totally roller-coastery. I have been enjoying my acting class quite a bit. We actually met after one situation of trippage. My teacher asked us to tell her how we were feeling without saying the conventional "fine". During my  turn, I was open and honest about a stressful meeting I had that had bothered me all day. After I got it out, I did not think about it even once more during class.

Being able to speak open and honest is so freeing.

 It is monologue time in class. I had to ponder what to pick that encompasses who I am emotionally at this moment. My selection is a monlogue by the character Maggie from A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams. If you are unfamiliar with this play, there is a film version starring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman. She is a beautiful, fiesty kitten not afraid to go for what she wants although everything around her is one big roller coaster. Sounds like someone I know.

I am excited about this new year, my new age and my new venture into acting. God has blessed me with unique talents and gifts. They will not grow sitting on my couch wishing and hoping.I got to put my faith into action and go for what I want.

Side Note: I saw John "Overton Wakefield Jones" Henton (Living Single) at the Improv. He is like totally funny. I wore a sparkly dress and everything. One thing for sure, based on the reactions I got in that dress, I won't have the need to get a real cat! lol