Death to Fear and Learn to Live

Heard a great word on Sunday. The pastor discussed fear – fear of failure, sickness, death. There is so much to be afraid of if you allow yourself to be. There is a list of nearly 500 named phobias. Can you imagine having Ancraophobia – the fear of wind. I have known a few people to have Ablutophobia – the fear of bathing.

I digress.

The problem with fear us that it causes the fearer to not move forward.

I can honestly admit that I had a fear of joining a smaller, family church due to an experience with a similar church in the past. I moved to Texas and became a megachurch worshipper. I never quite felt connected to the megachurch although I did make extra effort to become involved. I visited a friend's church and felt comfortable. I felt the pastor and parishioners love God and His Word. Most of all I felt FREE.  "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Corinthians 3:17. BUT, i was so afraid that the experience would be a big begative based on my past experience. I went to church there on Wednesday. When the pastor's wife mentioned a new members class, I said without hesitation to add my name.

No more fear.


The problem with fear is that it keeps the fearer from experiencing. I have planned my first Vision Board Party. It has been in my heart for over a year to help motivate women with a dream to get on a path to fulfilling those dreams. Writing my goals down – in the form of a prayer journal – has worked for me in the past. I got the idea to visually create my heart's desire and invite others to do so. So what was there to be so afraid of? I was afraid my place was too small. What if no one thought it was a good idea or no one showed up? I mentioned it to a couple of friends who LOVED it. I was that much more encouraged to move ahead.I will let you know how it turns out in two weeks but I envision it to be amazing. Did you catch that?

Fear keeps you from living.

I can admit now that a big part of why I am still single is the very real fear of falling for the wrong guy. Love is so irrational. I have chosen to stay in control. Being in love is a two person process among equals. You cannot control another person's feelings or actions. I have faced a few fears in this area just not ready to divulge the details yet - another day, another post.

What are you afraid of? How did you conquer that fear?