I Am Still Hoping . . .

. . that Lauryn Hill makes a comeback. That I'll lose enough weight to fit into my cute clothes I bought too small on purpose. I still hope that Girlfriends makes a comeback with all of the original cast.

Hope springs eternal.

I hope I can finish my novel. I need an ending. I am waiting on life to provide one for me. Every ending I write seems inauthentic. Should I just commit? IDK.


I am still hoping that I get hired on where I currently work. If that is not God's will, that he will allow me to get the job I am currently interviewing for.

Faith without works is dead.

I hope I get the wish I want that I am keeping to myself for now.

Keep hope alive!

Whitney Houston Still Has It

I know it is en vogue to make fun of Whitney Houston's downfall but that woman has a gift from GOD himself. My mom always says that a gift comes without repentance. That used to annoy me but I think I get what she meant by it.

Anyway, you have to applaud a woman who still sings all of her performances LIVE flaws and all. Everytime I hear her voice, I get a little teary-eyed.

Check out a recent moscow performance:



Jennifer Hudson Is Still In Demand – Winnie Mandela

My fellow Chicago native Jennifer Hudson will star as Winnie Mandela in a new biopic. She also has a Christmas special on ABC to air in December.

Looks like things are finally looking up for old Jenny from the Block. Plus she has this adorable muffin to look after.


Rachel Brown – A Music Review

Singer Rachel Brown's team sent me a promotional CD a few weeks ago to share with my readers. I listened to it all the way through and put it aside. I listened a second time for a critique and put it aside again. I listened a third time as part of my iTunes mix to see if I liked the music. After all, I wanted to give my open honest opinion before I shared this with you guys.

1. Rachel Brown has a good, big voice.

2. The CD grooves.

3. The lyrics are honest and meaningful, I really like that.

My faves: 

#6 Spend The Night

#8 Where Did We Go Wrong

There are some points of constructive criticism I would like to make.


  1. Too much voice. It's as if someone is singing with the mike too loud and the music too low. As I mentioned earlier, she has a big voice. IMO, her big voice sounds great but lacks nuance. Wow me with the subtle, sweet tones before going to the big crescendo.
  2. The production is poor in some places not all. I used to intern with a burgeoning record label, I also recorded with a gospel ensemble a few years ago. The issues were similar.
  3. Too many songs, not enough cohesion. Also the same problem with my other experiences mentioned above. I know what it is to get excited with something new and want to include everything on the plate. When you glob it all on, none of it is too appetizing.

I bet she kicks butt live, though.

But hey, what do I know. I will ask that you guys take a listen and drop your opinions in the comments. Thanks. Thank you to Israel Charles of  CEO Urban Music Group for sending this over.