Can Men Without Fathers Become Great Spouses?

I know that some men who are raised without the influence of their fathers can learn from that abandonment and become extraordinary fathers. I was wondering on this Father's Day, can men raised without a positive father in their life become nurturing and supportive husbands?

I was watching Waiting To Exhale last night and the character Gloria did not want to let her son Tarik go study abroad because she then would be alone. For some reason this storyline struck a nerve with me. I wondered, what type of man will Tarik grow up to be? Will he become a womanizer never settling because his mom is the love of his life.


I have met men who love their kids to death but have a somewhat strained antagonistic relationship with their wife, girlfriend, and/or baby's momma. I started thinking, what makes these men reluctant to forsake all others for the woman in their life?

Why is it that Sean "P. Diddy" Combs can feel no shame about being in a nationally televised interview talking about his six kids with multiple mothers. He just said he is a good dad but never mentioned being a good mate. Why is this the publicized example?

Is it because they have never seen a man tough it out and make his family work? Is it a lack of self-discipline and commitment?

No, seriously, what is it? I am still wondering.