Kloe Kardashian To Marry No Pre-Nup? Amber Rose Step Your Game Up

I have a soft spot in my heart for gold diggers. Why? It ain't tricking if you got it. LOL

According to headlines, Kloe Kardashian is set to marry NBA star Lamar Odom

in two weeks. I have read some not so nice comments by women who can't understand why a brother would marry a Kardashian (no-prenup) and a sister can't get a light bill paid without being labeled a gold-digger. Well, it's not all about race. Compare this to sister Kim who dated Reggie Bush for a few years without a ring on it.

Some suggested she must be doing nasty tricks for him to want to be with her. I say this is stupid logic. He is an NBA player with a 4-year 33 million dollar contract, groupies will do all kind of tricks for rent and a go-cart. LOL

I think a guy can become intrigued with someone who has personality, confidence and something going on for themselves. Or maybe it's just a publicity stunt. Whatever the reason, much love and blessings to them.

What's her secret? I don't know but it must be one heck of a trick, no pre-nup?

Next up is Amber Rose. Unfortunately she is dating Kanye West. Sure he is rich and famous but who wants to date a gay fish. BTW, I have no idea what a gay fish is but that's what they are calling him on Twitter.

Amber is famous for . . .nothing, well dating Kanye. She has reportedly inked a modeling contract out of it.

Women hate on her, too. I am not sure why. Kanye is grown and knows what's up. Amber is ..um, I'll say, enterprising. A modeling contract is not exactly, "no pre-nup" level but, hey, at least you can be self-sufficient.

Bravissimo, chicas!