Who Really Cares Who Reggie Bush is Dating?

Apparently, there is some outrage among black women that Reggie Bush, who is famously dating Kim Kardashian, is on the Essence cover entitled Black Men, Love and Relationship Issue. The comments are off the chain!

The problem?

These sisters are screaming bloody murder because Reggie Bush is not (at least not currently) dating a black woman.

Who really cares who Reggie Bush is dating?

  • The only things I know about Reggie Bush is that he is a football player AND he is dating Kim Kardashian. PERIOD!
  • I am not a football fan so I did not know who Reggie Bush was until he started dating Kim Kardashian.
  • If he was not dating Kim Kardashian but was Tiger Wood'ing (pun intended) a bunch of black women would that be okay?
  • Seriously, he's not even that hot.
  • There was an earthqauke in Haiti that affects millions, are we really THAT concerned over a football player and his girlfriend.
  • It's 2010!! Get over it!

Am I trippin' for thinkinh this is much ado about nothing?