I Really Cannot Stand!

I really cannot stand when I visit my favorite blogs and there has not been any updates in like FOREVER! Do you guys feel that way about me. lol  *hangs head and walks away*

I really need some exciting things to occur in my life that are blog worthy. Sure I could make a great list of things that did NOT happen to me. Like, I did not get abducted by aliens but where would that get us.


Kelly Rowland covered Marie Claire UK.


*Back to regularly scheduled programming*

I am going home for Christmas. Which is good news cause this cold is giving me the winter blues. Hoping for good weather and safe travels.

I am still loving the new gig though.

Need to find a pretty dress for a jazz social this weekend. I want something sparkly.

That pretty much sums up my week. I know my life is soooooo exciting right now. lol Hey but I am grateful to be alive *smiles*