Sometimes You Just Gotta Trust God

Today is a beautiful day. I asked God for a specific, immediate miracle . . .and He performed it.

Now I don't mean some hocus pocus, rabbit out of a hat miracle BUT he showed me how trusting him leads to success. Let me explain.

There is a story in the bibleabout how Joshua was leading the children of Israel through Canaan. God wanted to show the people that He was with Joshua as he had been with Moses, so he demonstrated a miracle. As the prophets carrying the Ark of the Covenant approached the Jordan and their feet touched the edge, the water receded. The people then passed on dry ground.

I take this as a lesson that miracles do happen but sometimes you have to walk by faith in order to see the waters part. Had the prophets sat around waiting for a miracle nothing would have been accomplished. The act of walking demonstrated a faith in God to do what was impossible for them to do in their human strength and God moved on their behalf.

I know I can waiver sometimes but God has a way of showing me that he is still moving on my behalf. I just have to walk it out!

This is turning out to be a Happy New Year indeed!