Like I Remember You

Facebook is a blessing and a curse.

Brian McKnight has a song called, I Remember You. In it he reminisces fondly about a childhood friend. There is a lyric that asks, "Do you remember me, like I remember you?"

Facebook makes me ask this very same question about a guy I went to high school with - very, very gorgeous and smart and funny and. . .gorgeous. lol

He was so sweet to me being a slightly chunky nerd of a girl and this meant a lot to me. Anyway, he would say things and do things that made me feel less awkward and pretty. He being gorgeous and all, football player and all, popular and all makes me wonder if he even remembers any of these things.

I looked at his page to see he is happily married with kids. So it would be very inappropriate to ask him this question but I still wonder. . .

. . .do you remember me, like I remember you.